Runar Kjeldsberg

Classical guitarist


First guitar heroes

The very first guitar concertos in music history

A chamber music project, guitar with string quartet,

which was the original instrumentation of these early

guitar concertos. The first known work with the title,

Concerto for guitar is B. Vidal’s work from 1793, and

is thus the only guitar concerto from the 18th century.

It was followed by Charles Doisy 1801 and Antoine de

Lhoyer 1802.

Solo recitals:

Early Romantic Guitar recital

first generation six string guitar heroes.

Performed on an original Gennaro Fabricatore guitar built in Naples 1830, Runar Kjeldsberg performs some of the most virtuos works written in early 19th century. Composers: Fossa, D. Aguado, M. Giuliani, F. Boildieu

Modern guitar Solo recital

Runar Kjeldsberg performs a classical guitar recital on his modern guitar made by Gernot Wagner. A very varied program with music from several centuries of classical guitar repertoire. Composers: S.L.Weiss, M.Giuliani, L. Berkeley, J. Manén.

With Tyrone Landau:

Runar Kjeldsberg has a long running collaboration with

tenor Tyrone Landau. They have three programs together:

Betsy and Bonaparte

Songs from Napoleons time. Napoleon Bonaparte was

himself a guitarist. Runar Kjeldsberg and tenor Tyrone

Landau performs this entertaining and informative

concert from a very famous person’s life, but from a

slightly different angle than most of us are familiar with.

Music by: F. Carulli, M. Giuliani, D. Puccini, F. Paer

Jose Marin Tonos Humanos

A collection of songs for baroque guitar and voice written

by Jose Marin (1619-1699). Runar Kjeldsberg plays a

copy of the famous Sabionari guitar by Antoni Stradivari

made by Simen Omang.

British 20th century songs

A program of British songs and guitar pieces from the 20th century. A time when there was written a lot of high quality repertoire for the guitar and the voice. Composers: M. Sieber, L. Berkeley, J. Duarte.


With Jacob Cordover:

Early romantic guitar duos

Runar Kjeldsberg teams up with Jacob Cordover.

Together they perform a virtous and exciting program with

composers such as G. Rossini, J. Haydn, F. de Fossa,

M Giuliani and even Mozart himself. Runar and Jacob

shares a passion for historical guitars and they both

have an original early 19th century Italian made guitar,

something that makes the sound of this duo extraordinary.